Sports Injury

Sports injuries are different than other types of injuries (learn more about general injuries here).

How, you might ask? Well when you fall down the stairs or get in a car accident, you don't get up, brush yourself off, and say "I didn't do that quite right so let me try that again"!

Sports InjurySports injuries are different because the activity that caused the injury is going to be repeated again and again and again. The risk is very high for re-injuring yourself because the "risk circumstances" are performed repeatedly. Injuries are an athlete's worst enemy.

Remember the old joke: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this" - Doctor: "Well don't do that!"?

For an athlete, that just isn't an option. While certain injuries may sideline an athlete for a while, the goal is to return to the sport ASAP - with as little risk of re-injury AND being able to perform as well as possible.

Turning Point specializes in getting athletes back on the field and promoting peak performance. We can support athletes in any condition:

    Most massage therapists can't (or at least shouldn't) do anything immediately following a traumatic injury... BUT WE CAN! We use specialized lymphatic techniques and edema kinesiotaping (for swelling) that studies have shown can help an athlete heal 50% faster! Call us right away and we can tell you what to do. Book our Acute Injury Package
    Once the injury has been stabilized, you're ready to start the healing process. Our advanced massage therapy and kinesiotaping facilitate proper structure and reduce or prevent problems that ruin performance and cause long-term effects.
    Sports massage creates an expansion of performance capacity and really shines when it is an integral part of a training regimen. The more demand you place on your body, the more "recovery" and maintenance activity that it needs. Sports require an athlete to push their limits and minor problems cause big drops in performance. We've worked with professional tennis players, iron "men", triathletes, marathon runners, ultimate frisbee players, swimmers, soccer players, MMA fighters, cyclists, weight lifters, football players, dancers, divers, CrossFit, and more!
    Event sports massage allows you to top off the tankb and maximize existing performance capacity.