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Turning Point Massage Therapy

MassageOur signature therapy is a proprietary method that focuses on the specific soft tissue problems causing pain and limiting movement. We use a combination of sophisticated massage techniques and therapeutic exercise to get results. Generally performed on specific, target areas, our skilled therapists can get to the root of nagging, recurring, or mysterious pain.



.....For one specific problem area.
.....For a problem region or several problem areas.
...For extensive attention to a problem or problems incorporated into a full-body session.

Medical Massage Therapy

MedicalMedical massage is prescribed by a doctor to treat a specific, diagnosed condition. Want to use your FSA/HSA plans or insurance?... then you need to have a prescription and use this service. Your doctor will determine the massage style and where it will be performed.

... 360-degree Assessment, 60min MT, Kinesiotaping (Moderate), and Insurance Consult.
For a limited time, pay at time of service and the intake is only $99!

* Medical treatments must prescribed by a doctor and may be covered by insurance. Medical Massage is billed at the maximum rates set forth in the CA Schedule of Fees (discounts for payments made at time of service - TOS). Patient bears full cost until any deductible is met. A doctor's prescription (download here) and insurance consultation is required prior to treatment. See our insurance page for more info.

Sports Massage

Sports MTPeak performance is the essence of sports massage. Seek out and destroy the muscle problems that keep you from performing your best. As an athlete, you have different needs at different times - whether you're preparing for competition, recovering from it, training intensely, or dealing with injury. Regular sports massage is a vital component of your recovery activity and gives you that 20% extra - extra performance, extra protection, extra time - to excel in your sport. We've worked with professional athletes, CrossFit Trainers, and more.

Training Massage

Recovery is as important to performance as conditioning and practice. Keep those muscles working at their peak. Think about it... If you are training for competition, you work out every day, challenge your body every day - those muscles need care to adapt and perform optimally. The higher the intensity of the training, the more recovery activity is needed. Sports massage is an essential component to your regular training regimen and is the "secret sauce" to performing your best. Top athletes know it and now so do you!
..... for single area, pre-event, or post-event
.....for a focus region or extended post-event recovery
...for multiple regions, extensive focus, or full-body post-event recovery

Pre-Event Massage

sportPre-event sports massage is designed to "top off the tank" and optimize your body's readiness for competition. Hit the field, track, court, road, (you name it!) ready to go, warm and loose. Pre-event sports massage reduces risk of injury, improves muscle performance, and delays fatigue. For maximum benefit, please schedule for within 6 hours of your event. Please note that this type of treatment optimizes the current condition of your muscles and for long-term performance improvement a regular regimen of sports massage is called for.

...20min Pre-Event Massage + Performance Kinesiotaping

Post-Event Massage

Massage therapy has been shown to decrease inflammation and pain following exertion. Post-event sports massage helps clear the congestion in your muscles following maximal effort of competition. Post-event work reduces post-workout soreness and improves recovery time. Compete or get back to practice again as rapidly as possible!

...20min Post-Event Massage + Lymphatic Facilitation

Lymphatic Facilitation
for Rapid Injury/Surgery Recovery

lymphLymphatic Facilitation (LF) is a highly specialized form of bodywork designed to enhance the body's ability to remove fluids, swelling, fats, and metabolic waste. This subtle, gentle style is very effective in reducing swelling following an injury and studies have shown that LF can speed healing times for athletic injuries by up to 50%! LF is one of the only manual treatments that may be performed during the acute inflammatory stage immediately following an injury to reduce swelling.

Following injury or surgery, LF is recommended frequently (up to 3x per day - see the LF with coaching session below), so be sure to explore our package options. Please note that this type of massage is very different from what most people know as massage. While it may feel like nothing is happening, the techniques work very precisely with the anatomy & physiology of the lymph system to move fluid. Swelling will continue to reduce over the next 4-6 hours.

Achieve even more rapid improvement when combined with kinesiotape for swelling!
...20min LF Massage + Edema Kinesiotaping

We all know that you don't just leave your body at the clinic. Your body will continue it's healing process after you've left the office. Lymphatic Facilitation (LF) is even more effective when supplemented with continued treatment at home. Learn how to perform self-LF on your own and get a full LF treatment. This is the way to achieve the fastest and best improvement without coming to the office three times a day!
...20min LF + 30min Coaching Session


lymphSupercharge your massage session with pure essential oils. Doing far more than simply smelling nice, these plant essences are nature's medicine and are used to target a number of conditions; inflammation, pain, infection, stress... We've mixed up some special blends that you can add on to any massage session: Post-injury, chronic pain and swelling, stress reduction, immune boosting, and energizing.

But wait, there's more! We'll even mix up a customized blend based on a consultation with you - your preferences and our expertise combined. Custom sessions involve about 15min of consultation (included in the time) with the rest of the session devoted to custom Turning Point Massage Therapy. We'll even keep your recipe to use again in future sessions cutting out the consultation time and leaving more for bodywork!


Kinesiotape (KT) is a versatile tool that we use to enhance & reinforce the effects of the bodywork. Maybe you've seen athletes wearing the tape at the Olympics or on TV. KT can be used for:

ktapeWe are certified Rock Doc kinesiotapers and are proud to use and sell Rock Tape. Rock Tape has superior adhesion and a more natural stretch than other brands of tape. The tape can be work in the shower, working out, or anything else and can remain on for over a week! We love it because it extends the effects of the session, our clients get better results, and ultimately you spend less money!

May not be suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies to adhesives.
...Includes taping, your own roll of tape, and training on how to tape yourself at home!

Chair Massage

Chair massage is the perfect solution for your workplace or special event whether it is a part of your regular corporate wellness program, a reward for a successful project completion, or an employee wellness event. Chair massage can be adjusted to accommodate various numbers of people and durations of treatment to suit your event. Call or email for more information.

Memberships, packages, and volume discounts for services are available!


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