We are always on the hunt for great talent

We are a collaborative team with a singular focus on excellence.
We’re dedicated to creating a win-win-win environment for you, your clients, and us.

We believe in a 50/50 partnership with our therapists:

  • We provide the brand identity, training in our advanced methodologies, and the support to make you successful.
  • You develop your expertise and art to provide the best possible patient experience within that framework.

While all of our therapists are expected to regularly deliver an exceptional patient-experience, we do offer levels of care that reflect degrees of expertise, ability to effectively treat increasingly complex conditions, and demand for your services – as well as your compensation. You can progress through these stages as fast as you can grow through internal certifications or outside trainings.

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Advanced Therapist

As an advanced therapist at TPW, you are already a cut above most other therapists. You must be eager to learn and focused on developing the skills to grow into a successful, results-oriented, clinical massage therapist. You’ve furthered your foundational massage education with more advanced training already and sought out opportunities for growth. While you might be relatively new to the profession, you’ve already demonstrated a fervent desire to learn and grow your skill-set through training, experience, and continuing education.

  • You’ll need a foundation in sports massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and/or some other form(s) of corrective massage therapy.
  • Know your anatomy, physiology, & kinesiology
  • CAMTC certified (non-negotiable) as CMT & carry professional liability insurance
  • Demonstrated customer and professional soft skills
  • Ability to learn and apply new techniques within your 90-day apprenticing period

Expert Therapist

As an expert therapist, you have a few years experience in the field of corrective work and have a proven track-record of getting results. Your assessment skills are impressive and you’re able to identify and treat a wide array of troublesome complaints. You’ve moved past scripts and sequences and rigid protocols to deliver individualized sessions for every client.

Your education has never stopped and you’ve received post-massage school training in sports, deep tissue, neuromuscular, orthopedic, or other advanced corrective techniques through TPW or elsewhere.

  • You’re proficient in all of TPW’s foundational techniques
  • You’re developing nuanced proficiency in multiple advanced techniques and learning further specialized knowledge that sets you apart from other therapists
  • You’ve delivered great client experiences, shown by repeat/regular clients, direct referrals, and rave reviews

Master Therapist

A true master of your craft, you’ve been working at an advanced level in the field of corrective care for years and have both extensive training and experience to prove it. As a master therapist, you provide an elite level of care and have a large toolbox of methods to obtain the best results for your patients. You can assess and successfully treat the most complex conditions that massage can help.

  • You have mastery over many advanced techniques and can integrate them with ease as appropriate for patients
  • You are an educator, both for your patients and for your colleagues
  • You’ve demonstrated consistently for years that you can achieve the highest standard of patient outcomes reflected in feedback, reviews, referrals, and repeats
  • You’re a true leader in your work